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Can code prevent burnouts and boreouts?  At DDi, our answer is a resounding ‘hell yes’!

Clean code? Got you covered. We’ll actually do you one better, because we pride ourselves on clean, low code solutions. Code that makes life A HECK OF A LOT easier for insurance professionals, because it prevents them from burning (or boring) out due to tedious, repetitive work. Building that code is a perpetual learning process. One that occasionally involves demonic dev rants and diligent dev/nulling. Because, yes, we sometimes struggle or make mistakes. 

But contrary to ‘coding sweatshops,’ we think mistakes are magnificent: the learnings that follow in their wake foster growth. And grow we must. Because the machine-learning code that’s spawning little information-enriching robots at insurance companies will prove just as valuable to other sectors. Globally. So our DevOps team is on the prowl for decidedly un-burned and un-bored tech talent (Delphi, Java, Python, Mamba, Bandy-bandy) Would that be you? Join in the ‘hell yes’ chorus at DDi! 

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Open positions at DDi

Junior Backend DeveloperHoofddorp, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Junior Consultant RoboticsHoofddorp, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Starter in Data ScienceZeist, Utrecht, Netherlands

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Contact: Binnenweg 18  2132 CT Hoofddorp 06-28500972